Linda Lamoureux serves as the Executive Chair of Tribunals Ontario, an organization of nineteen adjudicative tribunals that play a significant role in the administration of justice in Ontario. Tribunals Ontario is made of: the Animal Care review Board, the Assessment Review Board, the Board of Negotiation, the Child and Family Service Review Board, the Conservation Review Board, the Criminal Injuries Compensation Board, the Custody Review Board, the Environmental Review Tribunal, the Fire Safety Commission, the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario, the Landlord and Tenant Board, the Licence Appeal Tribunal, the Local Panning Appeal Tribunal, the Mining and Lands Tribunal, the Ontario Civilian Police Commission, the Ontario Parole Board, the Ontario Special Education Tribunal (English), the Ontario Special Education Tribunal (French), and the Social Benefits Tribunal.

Linda previously served as the Executive Chair of the Safety, Licensing Appeals and Standards Tribunals Ontario and Chair of the Health Professions and Health Services Appeal and Review Boards and the Ontario Hepatitis C Assistance Plan Review Committee. A lawyer and experienced senior leader, she has extensive experience in the areas of legal and regulatory compliance, change management, ethics, governance, labour, health, and justice. After a career in civil litigation, she served in several roles including Vice-President of a public health and safety insurer and Ethics Officer for a subsidiary of a professional medical association.

Linda and her husband, Rod Stableforth, are long-term residents of Markham, where they had the pleasure of raising their two sons.