Hip and knee

Hip and knee

Hip and knee doctor

Oak Valley Health provides a full range of hip and knee replacement surgeries to meet our patients’ specific needs.

We are one of only a few organizations in the area to have a surgeon specializing in Oxford knee replacement surgery. This procedure is less invasive for people who have arthritis on only part of the knee joint.

We are also proud to have Dr. J. Stephen McMahon, the York Region surgeon lead for the musculoskeletal hip and knee program.

Hip replacement surgeries are conducted to avoid unnecessarily cutting into key muscle groups. These are called ‘muscle-sparing’ techniques. These procedures allow for a more comfortable and quicker recovery from surgery. The muscle-sparing techniques we offer are called direct anterior approach (DAA) and direct superior approach (DSA) hip replacements.

Depending on your situation, we can provide same-day or short-stay joint replacement surgery. Same-day surgery allows you to recover in the comfort of your own home and can enable you to get back to your normal routine quickly.

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