Childbirth: Follow-up care

Childbirth: Follow-up care


When you leave the hospital, you will be given information to take to your baby’s doctor or midwife and all clinic appointments. 

Your baby will need to be seen by a doctor or midwife within two to three days of discharge from the hospital. If you had no complications, book a follow-up appointment for yourself with your primary care provider in six weeks. 

Tips for recovery after childbirth

Here are a few tips and exercises to help you with your recovery after childbirth.

Markham Pelvic Health offers pelvic floor physiotherapy, registered massage therapy, counselling and psychotherapy that can help with healing. Find out more: email or call (905) 604-4591.

Breastfeeding support after birth

Breastfeeding support is available for all women who have given birth at MSH. During your hospital stay, you will be seen by a Lactation Consultant and you will have an opportunity to ask questions about infant feeding options. If you are having difficulties the lactation consultant may continue to follow up with you by phone in the days following birth or make a referral to the Outpatient breastfeeding clinic.