Sleep Lab: Frequently asked questions

Sleep Lab: Frequently asked questions

Location and Contact

The Centre for Respiratory Health
Medical Offices Building
377 Church Street, ground floor, suite G07
Markham, ON
Phone: 905-472-7614; fax 905-472-7618

What do I do if I need assistance during my sleep study?
The technologist has visual and audio connections to each room. Therefore, we can see and hear you once the test has begun. Simply call out and the technologist will provide you with anything that you need, such as a bathroom visit, extra pillows, or blankets. Should you need to get up throughout the study, simply call the sleep technologist for any assistance.

Do I have to go to bed right away?
No, lab policy is to have lights out by 11:00 p.m. Once the wires are attached, you may read and relax until you are ready for bed.

Can I get up to go to the bathroom?
Yes, simply call out to the technologist who will disconnect you from the monitoring devices.

Is the technologist there all night?
Yes, the technologist monitors you throughout the entire test.

Can I get an electric shock from the electrodes?
No, the electrodes attached to your body do not provide any electrical currents. They measure the electrical changes at the surface of your skin. You are protected from external currents via the ground wire. All equipment used within the Sleep Lab adheres to strict Canadian electrical standards.

Do people actually sleep with all this stuff on?
Yes, most people referred to a sleep lab are tired. Sleep onset may be delayed, but most people have no problem sleeping.

What if I don’t sleep?
In this case, both your family doctor and the sleep specialist will determine if and when a repeat study will be performed. However, this rarely happens.

Do I have to sleep on my back?
No, once the lights are out, you are free to get into a comfortable position. The technologist may ask you to turn onto your back later in the night. However, if for any reason you cannot sleep on your back, simply inform the technologist.

Do I need a referral to come to the Sleep Lab at the Centre for Respiratory Health?
Yes, please speak with your doctor to be referred to the Sleep Lab.

Is parking validated?
Yes, please give your parking stub to the sleep technologist.