Emergency Department

Emergency Department

emergency department

Location and Contact

Markham site:

Location: Main level, south side of hospital.
Phone: 905-472-7373

Uxbridge site:

Location: Main level of hospital.
Phone: 905-852-9771 ext. 5300

Always open and safe

Our Emergency Department (ED) is open, safe and available to care for those who need immediate care. If you have a serious medical concern please come to the ED. 

The Emergency Departments at our Markham and Uxbridge sites provide treatment for people in our community who experience sudden illness or trauma. Our Emergency Departments are open 24/7. They are staffed by emergency medicine experts with access to state-of-the-art diagnostic assessment equipment and laboratory services. 

We are excited to be working with The Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids), Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario and Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Program as the first community member of Kids Health Alliance (KHA). This great partnership brings together some of the best resources for providing care to children and youth. The KHA will focus on the Emergency Department, inpatient paediatrics and the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU).

Coming to the Emergency Department 

Bring a list or samples of all your medications. In addition, let us know if you have any allergies. Many pharmacies will now prepare individualized information charts for you.

To ensure timely, quality care for the most serious conditions, we will triage you to determine the nature and severity of your condition. There are five triage levels with 1 being the most critical to 5 being non-urgent. Patients are seen in the order of their triage level, not based on their time of arrival. If your condition changes while you are waiting to see a doctor, let the nurse know immediately. 

Our Emergency Department at Markham Stouffville Hospital is divided into zones depending on the severity of health issues. These are called the green, yellow, orange and blue/red zones.

During your visit, you will be seen by a physician or nurse practitioner or physician assistant as well as a nurse. After initial assessment and treatment, you may be admitted to the hospital, transferred to a specialty hospital or discharged home.

Parking at Markham or Uxbridge site

Find out about parking at Markham site.

For Uxbridge site: short-term and accessible parking is available adjacent to the Emergency Department, or you may park in our regular visitor parking area. There is a patient drop-off area in front of the Emergency Department entrances.

Where to go for post-surgical problems

If you are visiting the Emergency Department for post-surgical problems, it is best to return to the hospital that conducted the surgery. They will have quick access to your important medical information.

Surgical patients at our Markham or Uxbridge site have discharge instructions from their physician to follow. If you’re experiencing complications, call your physician or come to the Emergency Department.

Going home from the Emergency Department 

When you go home after discharge from the Emergency Department at our Markham or Uxbridge site, you can download the CoHealth app to your smartphone. CoHealth will provide you with treatment-specific aftercare instructions, help manage your medications and follow-up appointments, help you find community care resources and provide an opportunity to submit feedback about the hospital.

Additional services in the Emergency Department at Markham site

At the Markham site, we provide the following additional services:

  • Geriatric emergency management nurses – For patients over the age of 75, our Markham site provides specialized frailty-focused nursing services in our Emergency Department with our geriatric emergency management (GEM) team. The nurse practitioners on this team provide geriatric assessments for physical, mental and functional abilities with a goal to enhance the patient’s daily living in the community to maintain their independence. 
  • Crisis services – The Markham site crisis team provides 24/7 service to the Emergency Department. The urgent care clinic can provide follow-up appointments within 48 hours if required.