Care Transitions

Care Transitions


The goal of the Care Transitions program is to support you the patient in safely transitioning out of the hospital into the community. This program includes rehabilitation services, complex continuing care (CCC), Alternate Level of Care (ALC) Program, Palliative Care Unit and the Hospital to Home Program including the Community Medicine Clinic (CMC).

Download referral form for Hospital to Home Program and Community Medicine Clinic.

Alternate Level of Care Program

If you are staying at the hospital but do not require the intensity of resources/services provided in this care setting (acute, complex continuing care, mental health or rehabilitation), you will be designated as ‘alternate level of care (ALC)’ by the physician or her/his delegate. 

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Reactivation Care Centre

If you are staying at the hospital in acute care and you no longer require this level of care, but you still need services to improve your independence and ability to return home, you may be sent to our Reactivation Care Centre (RCC). The RCC will help you maximize your individual strengths to your overall health advantage. 

Find out more about the Reactivation Care Centre at Markham Stouffville Hospital.

Complex continuing care

If you have many care needs and/or require active rehabilitation to assist with your recovery, you may be sent to our Complex Continuing Care (CCC) department. We will use specialized rehabilitation on a temporary basis to help transition you safely back into the community.

Medical Day Unit

If you require any of the following procedures, you may be sent to our Medical Day Unit:

  • Blood transfusion
  • Rehydration
  • Iron infusion
  • Blood withdrawal
  • Bone marrow testing
  • Antibiotic administration through an intravenous (IV) catheter
  • Peripherally-inserted central catheter (PICC) line insertions and maintenance – these are small tubes inserted through a vein like an IV catheter
  • Paracentesis or thoracentesis – these are procedures to insert small tubes through the skin into the body

Palliative Care Unit

Our Palliative Care Unit provides treatment and support for adults who require acute palliative pain and symptom management and/or end-of-life care. We most frequently care for patients with various forms of cancer. These patients are clinically unstable due to severe complications from secondary to advanced disease, require continuous therapeutic interventions to manage pain and related symptoms and have complex needs requiring interdisciplinary interventions.
We also provide our patients and their families with psychosocial, spiritual and grief counselling in a supportive and holistic environment. Our interdisciplinary healthcare team has expertise in wound management, dementia, end-of-life care and pain control.


If you require rehabilitation, our program at MSH provides a holistic, integrated collection of services designed to promote quality of life for you and your family. By taking an interdisciplinary approach, we are able to work with and support you to maximize your physical, psychological, cognitive, spiritual and social well-being.

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