Prenatal classes and support

Prenatal classes and support

Prenatal classes

Welcome to our classes and support resources for pregnancy and beyond! We offer classes, videos, and in-person services for families during pregnancy and in preparation for birth.

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Community services available to you:

Other prenatal classes available to you:

Early Discharge Program

Learn more about our Early Discharge Program by visiting our Postpartum Village.

Birth options after caesarean section information session

If you are pregnant and have had a previous caesarean birth please watch the following videos about the risks and benefits of both having a trial of labour or a repeat caesarean section. These videos are meant to help support you and your partner in making an informed decision about delivery options.

A patient video about trial of labour after caesarean section:

A patient education video about repeat elective caesarean section:

Post Partum Discharge Education Videos

Visit our Postpartum Village to watch these videos.

 Markham Prenatal *Free Online Prenatal Classes* 普通话课程可选!

Oak Valley Health is pleased to partner with Markham Prenatal, a leader in prenatal education, to deliver a series of prenatal classes to support expectant parents and their support person. In response to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, all prenatal classes will be offered in a virtual format, at no cost to registrants. Our prenatal classes are developed with the goal of providing accurate, current, and unbiased information that will provide parents and families an opportunity to learn and prepare for birth and the care of their newborn. Select classes are available in Mandarin too! All classes are live and interactive and facilitated by registered nurses experienced in maternal and newborn care.

To register, please click here.

Labour and Delivery #1

- Signs and stages of labour

- Positions for labour and comfort techniques

- Packing your hospital bag

Labour and Delivery #2 

- Virtual tour information

- Birth and postpartum preferences plan

- Cord blood/tissue banking education

- Medical interventions, pain relief options

- Cesarean sections

Postpartum #1 

- Physical and emotional changes

- Newborn's world (appearances, behaviours, routines)

Postpartum #2

- Safe sleep and an awareness of SIDS

- How to tell if your baby is sick and when to call the doctor

- Breastfeeding

Breast Feeding

Led by a Certified Lactation Consultant, over the course of two hours you will learn:

- Breastfeeding basics

- Skin-to-skin

- Positioning and holds

- Latch techniques

- How to know your baby is doing well

First Aid Coaching

This two-hour interactive webinar will provide you with information on:

- The principles of first aid 

- Breathing emergencies 

- Infant and child CPR 

- Infant and child choking

- Wound care

Free Antenatal & Postnatal Classes at The Baby Academy

We are delighted to have partnered with The Baby Academy, to offer our patients a host of free live online classes, all delivered by expert health professionals. 

1) Free Antenatal Class 

The Baby Academy’s Free Antenatal Class is designed for those in their second or third trimester of pregnancy. The Baby Academy’s expert midwife will provide you with the most evidence-based information on topics that will support both you and baby, such as:

  • How to care for baby's cord
  • How to bath your baby safely
  • How to prevent SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome)
  • Plus much more

To sign up for this extremely informative class, book your free place here.

2) Free Breastfeeding Class

We understand that when your baby arrives you want to be able to support your baby’s overall health and wellbeing as best you can. In advance of the big arrival, The Baby Academy’s Free Breastfeeding Class is designed to get you ready to breastfeed! The Baby Academy’s expert lactation consultant will give you specialist guidance on topics such as: 

  • How to tell if your baby is hungry
  • Mastering your baby’s latch
  • Positions for optimal feeding
  • Understanding skin-to-skin
  • Antenatal hand expressing of milk
  • Plus much more!

For those of you who are considering to breastfeed, this free class will equip you with the skills to breastfeed successfully. Book your free place here.

3) Free Baby Safety Class 

Feedback from new parents is that their number one fear is not knowing what to do in the case of an emergency. At The Baby Academy’s Free Baby Safety workshop, you will learn about common baby safety issues. The Baby Academy’s expert paediatric nurse will equip you with up-to-date skills, confidence, and peace of mind, on topics such as: 

  • How to deal with allergic reactions in babies
  • What to do if baby breaks out with a rash
  • Teething
  • How to react to baby ear infections
  • How to administer medicine correctly to your baby
  • Plus much more!

Feel more confident in responding to an emergency if it arises by booking your free place here.

 Free Class: Growing Pains

“I wish I had known all of this information before I had my first baby!”

“Why doesn’t anyone readily talk about these topics when you are pregnant?”

“I wish someone had told me this could happen when you have a baby!”

This is not a traditional pre-natal class. This free workshop has been offered in partnership with Markham Pelvic Health since 2018 with the sole purpose of educating and informing birthing parents and their partners about some of the hidden, less discussed, and often taboo topics of pregnancy and childbirth.

This free class covers:

  • Physical changes with pregnancy
  • Common areas of aches and pains during pregnancy
  • The easiest and most effective strategies to relieve pain during pregnancy
  • How posture can play a huge role in your aches and pains
  • Kegel exercises: how to do them and why they may actually make your pain worse
  • How to prepare for labour and to optimize postpartum healing

Taught live, by a pelvic health physiotherapist, we delve into some of the unpleasant aspects of childbirth that can include urine leakage, tailbone pain, and pain with sex.  And we discuss some of the many things you can do to prevent and treat it.

Location: Online, via Zoom

Dates: First Tuesday of each month

Time: 7:30-8:30 PM

Cost: Free

Register here

Body Preparation for the Best Birth

This hands-on, small-group, live class runs over 3 weeks and will give you the tools, skills, and the opportunity to practice for the best birth possible. Delivered in a small group format, there is opportunity for questions, interaction, and live feedback on the skills learned. This ensures that you are doing the exercises and leaning the skills correctly, right from the start.

Week 1: Pelvic Floor Foundations and Relieving Pain in Pregnancy
•    Connecting to your pelvic floor
•    How to move more efficiently, with less pain!
•    Top exercises to combat pain

Week 2: Physical Preparation for Labour, Training your Brain, and Preparing to Push
•    Training your brain for the big day
•    Perineal massage to reduce vaginal tearing
•    Upright positioning for labour
•    Pushing strategies

Week 3: Core Strengthening and Post-Partum Considerations
•    Diastasis Recti and abdominal separation
•    Belly bands 101
•    Strengthening for motherhood
•    Early post-partum healing
•    Healing that occurs 6 weeks and beyond

Location:  Online, via Zoom
Dates: 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Tuesday of every month
Time: 7:30-8:30 PM
Cost: $180 for the 3 session series

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