Meet Chris Gagnon, registered respiratory therapist

“The variety is awesome; I could not do the same kind of job every day.”

Website-Chris.jpgChris is a registered respiratory therapist (RRT) and has been with MSH for three years, starting as a casual staff member before becoming full-time in March 2020. Always interested in health sciences, Chris was introduced to respiratory therapy by a friend, and has since been in the field for 16 years. He loves his work because no two days are ever the same and for Chris, that’s what keeps things interesting.

“The variety is awesome; I could not do the same kind of job every day.”

Chris joined MSH just before the pandemic began, and has been mostly in the ICU because of COVID-19 and what is required of the specific skills from an RRT, but he and his colleagues are often needed all over the hospital, from providing support to patients with breathing issues, to putting in tubes for those who cannot breathe on their own.

Chris enjoys the people he works with – since his first day, he knew the people at MSH were unique. He shares: “everyone is helpful and looks out for each other. There is a great team atmosphere which makes work enjoyable.”

The value that resonates most with Chris is courage, especially after enduring the past year. In his field, RRTs are called on for or are following the most critical patients. They need to know when a patient is deteriorating and need to be able to act quickly; there is no time to waste. However, he enjoys the challenge and the constant changing dynamics of every day – one minute he may be helping a baby with its first breath. The nest, he may be in the ICU with someone on a ventilator.

Now that Chris has been able to spend more time at home with his wife and three kids, he has also taken up gardening: “It is great to see my five- and three-year-old kids take care of their own fruit and vegetable plants!” Chris also enjoys being active, and enjoys both playing and watching sports: “I love playing golf and softball. The Blue Jays are exciting to watch!”